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Alpine skiing has an ancient history traced back all the way to prehistoric times. Archeologists discoverd wooden planks in the inhabited parts of the world. They later asumed that they were used for transportation through the snow. ​(Official Olympic site: Alpine Skiing)

First Competitions :
It was later changed from a method of transportation to a sporting activity durinf the late 19th ceturies. The first non-military competions were held in ccentral Norway in the 1840's. In 1868, the frist National skiing competion was held in Christiana, the capital of Norway, now known as Oslo was won by Sondre Norheim. A few dacades later, the sport spread through Europe all the way to the US where miners organized skiing competitions to entertain themselves during the winter. ​(Official Olympic site: Alpine Skiing)

Olympic Growth :
Woman's and Men's alpline skiing started in the Olympic programme in 1936 at Garmisch-partenkirchen, Germany. ​(Official Olympic site: Alpine Skiing)

Canadian Success :
Dave Irkim, Ken Read, Dave Murray and Steve Podborski they were called Crazy Canuks for a good reason. They were young, wild, and they were always skiing as fast as they could. In the 1970s, they dominated the Europeans which surprised the world. they went down the most challenging hills at high speeds. (Crazy Canuks)

Equipement :

external image fcaa19f6-6552-4b00-bb26-7a9e2ff52ef0.jpgBoots:
They are made of plastic and have a high heel so they can lean forward which makes them go faster. (Official Olympic site: Equipment)

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Made of leather or synthetic material. The gloves have protection so that the skier dosnt hurt their hand when their going through the gates. (Official Olympic site: Equipment)

external image SOAZA%20NASTIFY%20REDUX%20GREEN.jpgGoggles:
Ski goggles protect the eyes against weather and the effects of speed on the eyes. They can also be worn with a variety of lens colours to maximise contrast and visibility.(Official Olympic site: Equipment)

external image HJC_CL-15_Session_Helmet_-_Green_Large-tvVTzE85o.jpg Helmet:
To protect the head while going down the hill. (Official Olympic site: Equipment)

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In the downhill and super-G, poles are curved to fit around the body to reduce air resistance. The poles have guards so that they protect the knukles. (Official Olympic site : Equipement)

external image 600x800px-LL-he_monster_78_09.jpgSkis:
How they preform depends on the lenght the width and shape which makes the skis able to undergo certain course and the speed. The metal edges of the skis are made to easily turn on the ice. (Official Olympic site: Equipment)

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Suit :
Racing suit are usually skin-thight to reduce air resistance and there must be a minimum requirements for air permeability. Padding can be worn under the suit.(Official Olympic site: Equipment)

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Bindings :
Are used to attach the skies to the boots. Safety bindings will release when the torsion or impact is strong enough.(Official Olympic site: Equipment)

How to preform this sport :

All races have different start altitudes, number of gates and gate placement, depending on the event. Compititors get to pick the line they ski between and picking the colors of the gates (red and blue). The gates are made with springs so they can bounce back when the skier knocks them down.The competitor is immediately disqualified if both feet do not pass through each gate or if a gate is missed.


To help you preform this sport, you can join a club at the Kanasuta's web site . You can also join the Alpine Ski Club.

Alpine Skiing Top Athlete :
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Nancy Greene was born in Ottawa on May 11th 1943. She was Canada's top ski racer through the 1960's. She won the gold and silver medals at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics and the overall World Cup titles in 1967 as well as in 1968. Her total of 13 World Cup victories is still a Canadian record. She won 17 Canadian Championship titles in all disiplines.

At 3 years old, Nancy's family moved in Rossland, British Columbia. Her parents were fans of skiing and wanted her to practice this sport. Nancy was a fast learner and in no time had learned to ski. In 1967, she winnes the world cup and a year later winnes another as well as the gold and silver medal in the categorie slalom at the Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble. Nancy Greene is the Canadian top athlet in skiing who has won the most victories in world cups. She has been named the top feminin athlete of the 20th century.(Nancy Greene Biography) You can also click here for more information on Nancy Greene.

Canadian Athletes competing in this years olympics:

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François Bourque

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Emily Brydon

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Robbie Dixon

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Marie-Michèle Gagnon

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Anna Goodman

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Erik Guay

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Jan Hudec

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Michael and Britt Janyk

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John Kucera

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Manuel Osborn-Paradis

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Kelly VanderBeek

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Larisa Yarkiw

(Team Canada Athlets : Alpine Skiing)

Top Athletes in this sport:

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Kjtil Andre AAMOPT

Michaela Dorfmeister

Anja Paerson

Janica Kostelic

Event Schedule :

Day 2
Saturday 2010-02-13
Downhill Men
Day 3
Sunday 2010-02-14
Super Combined Women
Day 5
Tuesday 2010-02-16
Super Combined Men
Day 6
Wednesday 2010-02-17
Downhill Women
Day 8
Friday 2010-02-19
Super-G Men
Day 9
Saturday 2010-02-20
Super-G Women
Day 10
Sunday 2010-02-21
Giant Slalom Men
Day 13
Wednesday 2010-02-24
Giant Slalom Women
Day 15
Friday 2010-02-26
Slalom Women
Day 16
Saturday 2010-02-27
Slalom Men

This year's 2010 Winter Olympic's will be held at Whistler Creekside in Whistle, British Columbia, Canada. (Info 2010 Winter Olympics)