With your partner, create a wiki page for your sport.
Your wiki page should be engaging and informative. Be sure to include links, pictures, stats, and videos. I have made an example. Visit my sample at Nordic Combined.
Rule #1:
All work in class must be done in English. I will be assessing you on your ability to consistently converse in English.
Rule #2:
Any information you have retrieved from another source needs to be cited. Place a link right in your wiki to make it easy to check out the source. Try to use your own words and then credit the source. If you quote directly from another source you need to place the words in quotations.
Rule #3:
Your wiki needs to include the following information:
  • A history of the sport
    • Its origin
    • Its Olympic history
      • including Canadian successes
  • An explanation of the sports techniques
    • How do you perform this sport?
    • What equipment is required?
    • Are there any local clubs that could help you get into this sport?
  • Events in the Olympics
    • Where and when they are occurring ?
      • For the venue, check out here and here
      • For the schedule, check of the here
  • Athletes
    • Who are the top athletes in the sports?
    • Who are the Canadians competing this year in the event?
      • Profile one of the Canadians competing. Better yet, try to profile a Quebecois performing your sport at this year`s Olympics

Have fun with this project!!